How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows?

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A pair of well-groomed and shaped eyebrows makes all the difference to your looks. To get the perfect set of eyebrows, you don’t need to be a professional but you will have to follow some basic rules when you are grooming your eyebrows.

Choosing a perfect setting for tweezing

Use a regular mirror in conjunction with bright light. Light helps you have a good view at the extra hair. Once you do a few tweezes, step back and see the results from far, this avoids overdoing.

Tweeze your eyebrows after a hot shower

For less painful tweezing, try to tweeze the brows after you have taken a hot water bath. Hair follicles open up and hence pulling them out becomes easy and less painful.

Study the shape of your face

Know what type of eyebrows will suit your face – fuller, thicker or thin. The arch is an important part…

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7 Makeup Brushes You Actually Need

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Anyone can get intimidated just by looking at the number of makeup brushes available in the market these days. We did not even use these many brushes for painting back in our school days! After using them all and researching on which are the brushes that I cannot survive without, here is a list of the 7 must-have makeup brushes that you would need to complete your kit.

#2 Fluffy Dome Brush

If you are applying eye shadow then you totally need this brush. Once you have applied the eye shadow with the help of a flat eye shadow brush, the line that is formed around your eyelids will have to be softened. All you have to do is use this brush wherever you feel there are uneven lines and move it either in a circular motion or from side-to-side. The eye shadow should look like it is fading out…

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Is there a right way to apply concealer?

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Is there a right way to apply concealer?

One of woman’s best friends is undoubtedly concealer, and for good reason. This miracle cosmetic is perfect for covering up everything from dark circles to unsightly blemishes. However, many people are split on how to apply the makeup. Should concealeralways be used after foundation? Is cream better than powder?

In actuality, the fact of the matter is that it’s purely up to you. Each person has her own preferences, meaning you shouldn’t dwell too much on your makeup routine! However,  applying your concealer after using foundation can help you feel less naked and give you the flawless appearance you desire.

When it comes to cream versus powder, choose whichever option is most comfortable for you. Some people enjoy the lightness of powder, while others feel that cream is more efficient at hiding blemishes. To make sure that your face is always perfect, RC Cosmetics encourages you to take…

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Turn any eyeshadow into a long-wearing eyeliner RC Cosmetics

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Turn any eyeshadow into a long-wearing eyeliner

Use this trick to transform any eyeshadow into a long-wearing liquid eyeliner. Simply take some saline solution (the kind used to clean contact lenses) and squeeze a drop onto the back of your hand. Dip the end of an eyeliner brush or small angled brush into the saline just enough to moisten the brush — you may need to lightly blot the brush on a tissue if it gets too wet.

Gently smudge the end of the brush into the eyeshadow of your choice and then use it to line your eyes as you normally would. The result is a long-wearing liner in as many (or more!) shades as you have eyeshadows. Just try combining different colors of eyeshadow to discover your own custom shades

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